Firefall's Launch!

A bit late to the party, but better late than never! Firefall officially launched on the 29th of July. For all the beta and early access players however that date didn't mean much, since we could play the new Firefall already on the 15th of July. There isn't that much to say about it, since most of the changes involved with the launched version, has already been discussed.

Key Art

Live Resource Feed Shutdown

Over the past years RAWR has been a well known place to get detailed information on the resources which were currently served in worlds of Firefall. It had started way back in closed beta in a rather simple way. The heavy lifting was done by our former leader Kryyss, who went and opened deposits and entered the specific values into the database. He then also got other RAWR and non RAWR members involved in helping to track the resources. It was a working system, but it was quite time consuming and the feed was always a bit behind. The idea of an automated system was discussed quite a bit on the forum, but we didn't have a specific army member who could write a fitting addon and there were concerns about security. Around this time I (DarkCisum) joined the RAWR Corps since I was interested in an invested army and wanted to bring in my development skills. Looking at the situation I generally didn't consider an automated system to be a big security risk and thus Kryyss started looking for other addon creator. It didn't take long till Hanachi agreed to build an addon and thus he started with the addon, while I started with the backend.

Last Minute Preparations


Red 5 Studios has given us less than a week to prepare ourselves for the migration from Beta to Release, as such I’m sure many of the players are confused on what they should do with their current inventory. This short guide gives you a few points which should be doable just within a few minutes or hours.

Chosen War