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It has been 9 months since the last Firefall patch on the live servers, but it has finally arrived!

With it we're going once more into a slightly new direction, hopefully for the last time. The Firefall content has now been refactored into a more story-driven way. The battleframe progression has been adjusted and our equipment got quite an overhaul. Oh, did we mention Jetball is back?!

Before linking to various source for more information, it should be said that there are currently still quite a few migration issues going on, so let us all have patience and wait for the next hotfix to patch things up again. Check out the Migration Guide if you're unsure whether you've received everything correctly.

The official Firefall Update 1.6 announcement contains a nice highlights list with links to all the details for the curious ones. The patch notes themselves with all the changes have been split into three parts:

I. Combat Changes
II. PvP and Systems
III. PvE Content and General Notes

As always with big changes there's quite some controversial discussions going on. It's healthy to discuss issues and okay to state your opinion and feels, but what really matters is to stay somewhat objective and under no circumstances turn toxic. Also keep in mind, during these 9 months Red 5 Studios hasn't just been enjoying life, but they have been working every day on this content, so cut them some slack for that as well.

As for RAWR, with the new site up and running, we'll be looking forward to creating new guides and other interesting goodies. If you're interested in helping the Firefall community and want to write content here, don't hesitate to contact our Commander DarkCisum in-game, on the forum or via email.