Over the years the RAWR Corps has gotten to know many similar formations and made friends with quite a few of them. Our diplomacy doesn't stop there and we're always happy to be able to call some new groups our friends, so don't hestitate to contact us.

Astrek Association

Astrek Association is one of our oldest friends and in the past we've shared a lot of information and helped each other out with creating guides where ever possible. However for a while now Astrek Association has been quiet, while providing their old guides which partially still contain useful information.


Firefall Reddit

Firefall Reddit is an open place to share content, hold discussions or ask questions. Way before S.I.N. made the whole world tightly interconnected sites like Reddit offered a great place to exchange information and to this day it shows a lot of use.



Czy mówisz po polsku? Firefall.pl is a community built around Polish speaking soldiers. You can find a large and active forum, many indepth guides and various news related posts translated to Polish. You can expect a lot of high quality content.



а ты говоришь по русски? Firefall.ru is targeted at Russian speaking soldiers and they are translating certain guides to Russian as well. On top of that they aggregate news and other piece of Firefall related information on their site.


Fallen Heroes

In every war there are special squads and heroes who fight for the greater good in honor and with passion, but at the end of the day not everyone will make it. During the fight against the Chosen we have seen people do extraordinary things. We all wish they were still with us, instead all we can do is remember them in honor. They shall be the reason why we keep on fighting and their legacy shall live on through us!

FFANZ.com - FireFall Army Neutral Zone

CopacabanExpress.de - The largest and most well-known German community