Welcome to RAWR Research!

We at Refined Armor Weapons and Resources are excited to research on various projects with the ultimate goal to help humanity fight the Chosen. We are proud of what RAWR has so far uncovered and look forward to whatever comes next.

RAWR Research has the full support of the RAWR Corps and all its resources to keep pushing the limits of our own understanding of the universe. Because if one thing is clear, it's that we have been living in a bubble for far too long and with the Chosen at our doorstep there's no time to waste.

Let's fight back! Let's fight with science!



Whether you guard Copacabana or fight the Chosen head-on at the Warfront, we can provide you tools to make your life easier and more efficent!


We're sure everyone remembers their first flight into space and how big Earth seemed from out there. Well it's even bigger when you have to walk around on its surface, thus we at RAWR Research want to equip you with the best high-resolution maps!


On our dedicated YouTube channel we provide videos on a wide range of topics. Starting off with archival videos and spanning over tutorial videos to addon spotlights. Make sure to subscribe so you won't miss out!