Operation and Conduct

Be Aware
Most of the points and examples regarding Army activities are simply a draft of ideas, since Firefall is still in development, misses Army features and has a high chance of changes to the economy. Once things like Army banks, Army tech tree, etc. are implemented everyone will be informed of how things will get actually handled in detail.

To be a member of the RAWR Corps there will be minimum requirements for continued enlistment. However real-life must always take priority so every time someone is not meeting these requirements any actions will be handled according to personal circumstances and kept confidential. Here are the key requirements for any member to remain within the Army. There will be no minimum skill or knowledge requirement to remain a part of RAWR, you simply have to be able to contribute resources which you can either gather yourself or purchase from others. Another member will also be allowed to contribute on your behalf. Due to the limited army size a player is not allowed to have more than one character in the Army.

All members will be required to make a minimum donation to Army resources on a monthly basis. As the goal is to provide sustainable crafted items to the Firefall community and further progress along the Army tech tree we will need to pool a small amount of resources from all members to meet these requirements. This will also be the measure of player activity rather than simply asking members to log in since anyone can simply log on once a week without actively playing the game. Depending on whether the developers will allow for donations to be made into an Army bank or not, it might be the responsibility of Officers within the Army to receive the contributions. They will then visit this website and update a page which stores the members name, what they contributed and how much.

Player conduct and behavior are equally important. A bad name for the Army will not only affect sales but damage relations with any other Armies we are affiliated with. RAWR needs to maintain itself as an Army that can be respected and trusted to be a productive part of the community. Any reports of members performing or assisting in the following activities will be investigated and if found to be true will result in immediate dismissal from the Army and the player will be reported to customer services. Warnings may be issued for incidents of explicit language and the member will be removed if they then persist. Again, this will be handled on a case by case basis. As membership will also require the player to have an account on this website we reserve the right to suspend your account and ban you from the public places on the website if you are found to be in violation of these guidelines.

  • Harassment and bullying of other players
  • Hacking or intentionally making use of exploits
  • Theft or scamming of any virtual items from other players or Armies
  • Explicit language in chat or within mails
  • Any discrimination relating to gender, race or social differences

Additionally, any discussion on the topic of politics, religion or sexual activity will not be allowed as they can often lead to arguments and further problems.

Benefits and Rewards

In addition to members having access to the standard features provided by being part of an Army there will be additional benefits for being in RAWR. The aim is to go further than what a basic Army can offers its members through exclusive website features, frequent organized events and a generous reward system. Here is a summary of what is planned for RAWR Corps members:

Access to a private forum on this website where we will encourage members to share information on items such as resource shifts, good thumping spots or opportunities within the economy. Each month we will look at who has contributed the most information and give them an in-game reward. This may be a sum of crystite, a rare item or a Red-Bean item purchased using funds raised through advertising on the website.

All members will be able to purchase items created from the guild resources at a discounted price compared to their normal street price and get notification of anything special going on sale.

Every week there will be at least one activity arranged. Most likely on a Friday or Saturday. This may vary from PvP dueling practice to an LGV race across New Eden. Ideally we would want to have members actively wanting to arrange these events. Again they will be rewarded for their contributions.

Because of the contribution based membership to RAWR the most significant reward system in place is the Crystite Sweepstake. The way this might work is simple. If the minimum contribution is 1000 units of any kind of crystite with a quality of CY-600 or above per month then you will receive 1 entry into the sweepstakes however if you donate 2000 units for that month then you will be entered twice into the sweepstake - therefore doubling your chances of winning. At the end of each month all of the resources will be pooled and two names pulled from the database for members who contributed that month. The first name will receive 20% of the total contributions that month and the second name will win 10%. This means that the more members we have contributing the larger the rewards for the sweepstakes winners.

Furthermore members who wish to actively work on the RAWR4Firefall site will receive bonuses for contributions such as writing guides, providing updated information or taking part in research relating to the crafting system and in-game economy.

In summary, members will have a significant return for their enlistment in the RAWR Corps far beyond what they normally get from most Armies. We hope to not only help our members to have fun but ensure that they feel part of a productive community within the game.