We don't really have any more information, but after some people started to misuse the forum, someone finally stepped in and started to moderate a few things, plus we got a short post.

Dear Firefall fans,

With the most recent shift in our strategy, we have decided to expand Firefall IP from PC to other major platforms, including mobile. We sincerely appreciate all the hard work and devotions of all Red 5's former and current tribe members that have helped us get to where we are today.
Red 5 Studios is firmly committed to operating Firefall worldwide. We look forward to continuous support from our community as well as new experiences for all Firefall fans.
Red 5 Studios Developers

So someone is apparently still working for Red 5 Studios or at least claims to do so. In addition to that, if you read between the lines, it seems they are currently developing a mobile game with the Firefall IP, but the PC version isn't in the main focus right now. This sort of overlaps with the information we got from FadedPez during is Laid Off livestream, but I think it's important to note, that all of this is still speculation.

In another post of the same account we get the information that he is not a community manager and just tries to keep the forum clean.

Dude, i'm just trying to keep this forum clean, and I'm not a community guy, so I can't give you guys more useful info. Sorry,I hope the new owner could hire a CM faster...

Even if you don't like the game or the company behind it, it doesn't really give you the rights to troll the forum.

We'll try to get more information on the situation, but unfortunately that's currently all we have.