I'm sure everyone has heard that the Firefall servers where down for approximately one day - I mean some MMO news sites panicked and started releasing posts that Firefall is now finally closed etc. - but as we've heard from the mysterious r5admin account on the forum, it wasn't intended and there are some technical difficulties.

Today however the servers were down again. This time we got word that it was intentional to fix some more issues. When the servers seem to have finally recovered I logged in and could exchange a few words with a R5-er called robin001 (maybe our r5admin?). During the chat the server suddenly went offline again, but recovered within a few minutes. According to robin001 it was another hiccup and they're trying to fix these technical difficulties.

During the chat he also once again stated that Firefall will stay online. To questions of how long or if development will continue he didn't provide any answer.

Stay tuned for more updates and lets hope Firefall doesn't just sink in the next few months.