Hello and welcome to the 182nd Devtracker Weekly Round Up!

By terricon4 via Reddit

Another week has come and gone and this one has nothing new on the dev or corporate side to post on once again. On the community side... well the general chatting on the forums has been been dying down a bit. Still some stuff, but excluding comments about the authenticator not working and not letting new or returning players enter the game there's actually very little. Does seem there was a somewhat successful get together of players this weekend for Jetball though.

Still, with the forums being flooded with queries and complaints about authenticator issues and the part that the support system seems to be altogether gone now and no replies form the r5admin account this does seem like the definitive beginning of the end. For ages people have said that Firefall is going downhill and stuff because of all sorts of changes or issues (it's been a very long and controversial development, no doubt). Over the past year the active player population has very clearly shown that the game has been in decline. And over the past couple months the issues with layoffs and staff quitting has shown the studio was in decline as well. Through all this the game was still running, even if in a buggy or troubled state sometimes. Now though the game is in it's seemingly unsupported state and is is no longer allowing new/returning layers in with no fix in site. You can say up till now the games been in decline, but this seems like the first true part of it's "end" if you will. Of course this is just speculation as there is not certainty that this won't be fixed. Once again the complete lack of communication makes this rather troubling, but with how thing have been headed over the past few months I'm doubting they are suddenly going to contract some random company to try and debug and fix the issue for them at this point in time.

So ya... another week with pretty much no real news, just the increasingly apparent realization that the end is nigh... for the umpteenth but now somewhat more serious time. Till next week everyone, let's all eagerly await the silence that is bound to come from R5 in it's current mummified state.