Hello and welcome to the 183rd Devtracker Weekly Round Up!

By terricon4 via Reddit

Another week has come and to probably no ones surprise there isn't anything new posted by any devs or R5. As far as other news that pertains to Firefall goes, it seems the in game store may be having some issues. Not exactly a lot of people testing and supporting the claim given the current condition of the game, but it seems as though the in game store may not give a player Red Beans when you buy some. If you are planning to buy some Red Beans, best to do it through Steam as it seems that still works. Not really much else to say, Firefalls still got some people playing but the number is steadily dropping so there's no changes here. Just another week with nothing proper to report on.

So, till next time everyone, lets play a game. Start with your favorite (or most played, or whatever) frame and then take your most liked or hated action and describe it in a rhyme (or something...). For example, Mammoth, killing everything in sight.

Mammoths murder melding monsters most masterfully.

Or Tigerclaw, exploring.

Tigerclaws take terrifying travels to tame tarantula teaming tundras.

Obviously you may have to get a bit creative with these, use of wikipedias glossary terms is highly recommended to help finding certain word types starting in a specific letter.