Hello and welcome to the 180th Devtracker Weekly Round Up!

By terricon4 via Reddit

It's been a bit over a week or something now since all/most of the R5 staff were layed off and wouldn't you know it... there has been no official announcement on the part of R5 or The9 regarding the studio and it's staff.

That said, not everything has been quiet. The r5admin account has made a few posts once again saying they are pushing the IP beyond the PC market and also that some of R5s stocks have been sold. In all honesty it looks like The9 is trying to sell off R5 to another company that doesn't realize the current value of R5 and Firefall.

We also got a post from Mavoc speculating that the current r5admin account is linked to an R5 studios email address and so is probably another former employee or temp hired to hold down the site (and not some random troll who got the accounts credentials as some have been thinking). Funny how Mavoc is the only post this month to show up on the Devtracker though, despite no longer being a dev at R5.

Ah well, that's it for this weeks article. Till next week everyone, go find something fun to do.