Hello and welcome to the 177th Devtracker Weekly Round Up!

By terricon4 via Reddit

Another week has come and gone and with it we once again have no real news. There were two dev posts made in a thread about some shards not running properly, no real answers on them fixing it or anything just a basic acknowledgment that there was a problem and to send info to their support people. Seems the only way to get any dev posts these days is to complain about the servers not working. The last actual news came out in late May, almost two months ago. For those of you who are actually reading this... I am honestly wondering why. I mean, I also have that habit of not dropping stuff and wasting time reading pointless "news" on the internet a lot, but still...

Ah well, that's it for this weeks article, till next time, here's to hoping no super volcanoes erupt or anything like that... ya, that would probably be rather unfortunate were something like that to happen. Should probably be more posotive though... till next week, here's to hoping you have lots of fun doing whatever it is you are doing... that just sounds like rambling... Oh well, till next week, stuff, bye.