Hello and welcome to the 179th Devtracker Weekly Round Up!

By terricon4 via Reddit

Looking pretty unlikely that we'll be reaching 200 unfortunately. As most of you have read by know it seams almost everyone left at R5 was let go. One (questionably reliable) source said there were 3 people left, but I don't know how true that is. We know someone is still on the forums banning people and deleting posts, but not much more than that. Unsurprisingly in a manner entirely to be expected, there has been no official announcement or even acknowledgement of this happening from R5 or The9. However losing all development staff means we probably won't be seeing any future updates, or releases to consoles or the like for Firefall itself. How much longer the servers will be on... no idea.

Sadly that's the news for this weeks article. At this point it's probably impossible to keep true to this posts title in any way now, but who knows. I'll probably stick around for a little longer since we aren't really being told anything and it's leaving a rather muddled and uncertain situation in it's wake. Doesn't feel right to call it quits without knowing it's truly over, but on the other hand it seems like it pretty much is... Well, till next week, here's to hoping you've saved everyone you know from Firefall or the forums into some other contact lists because who knows how much longer you'll be able to access them as it is.