Hello and welcome to the 175th Devtracker Weekly Round Up! Another week without much to really talk about, but at least there is something this time. Hardly news, but still something.

By terricon4 via Reddit

Dev Posts Because yes, what they are about is arguably not as important as the part that there actually were some. Pez earlier this weak made a trio of posts in one thread where people were discusing the AIs server seemingly being dead. The first post was that they were looking into it. The second says they were fixing it. And the third replied to a comment on his activity of late. Apparently he has been still reading the forums daily and all, however hasn't had anything new to post. While yay for still being around, not having anything new to report after a month... it's not exactly saying everything is "fine" either.

On the upside (sorta) it looks like the constant drop in players might be starting to bottom out, with a loss this past month of only around 1% of the player base according to Steam charts.

So ya, not really any more proper news in this weeks article than we've had in the previous ones but there was something to idly talk about at least. Till next week everyone, this is your first and last stop for semi news related ramblings in relation to Firefall. Have a good one and here's to hoping you find some money on the ground or something... idk, I'm running out of endings for these.