Hello and welcome to the 174th of the increasingly inaccurately named Devtracker Weekly Round Ups! Everyone who got that reference thumbs up.

By terricon4 via Reddit

We are approaching 25 days without any official announcements or posts now. Suffice to say this means once again the devtracker weekly round up has no devposts to recap, making this months articles all pretty much just me talking to myself rather than actually reporting on news. I'm really not sure what to say this week, probably a good time to jump in game and take some ultra high resolution screen shots for wallpapers or whatever you might want to remember the game by in the future because there's really no knowing what's going to happen at this point. Like some have said they may just keep the servers up till the end of the year for contractual purposes for the wanted Playstation port, or to keep the IP alive (in name only really) while they look for something to do with it. On the other hand it might just be considered a write off and unnecessary expenditure at this point (servers for an MMOFPS aren't cheap) and shelved.

That's it for my newsless rants this week, till next time everyone, have a comic from the good old days.