Hello and welcome to the 170th Devtracker Weekly Round Up!

Another slow week as far as news goes, but with less controversial spice this time around. Servers are more or less working, but many parts of the game still aren't just like before this situation, and there was even another login problem during the week but it didn't last too long. Still, ends better this week than it did last week.

By terricon4 via Reddit

Firefall and it's Future

There was a blog post this week talking about Firefall and it's future. At least that's what it says it's talking about. They make mention about still planning to bring Firefall to the PS4 and to look into mobile game version of the IP, but they don't really offer any details and given the condition of the studio at the moment it seems a bit unlikely to expect good ports and such to actually come out with things as they are. Still, who knows how thing will end up going, I honestly don't at this point.

Firefall Servers

A fix (or series of them) were deployed to the Firefall servers to deal with the rubber banding and stability. And this time around it seems to have worked for the most part. So while the servers are all now located in California, giving some people like those in Europe some trouble, they are at least working again.

And that's it for this article, hope you found it useful. Till next time everyone, here's to hoping you have a generally positive week with mostly posotive experiences.