Hello and welcome to the 185th Devtracker Weekly Round Up!

By terricon4 via Reddit

After last week with the big drama of the servers suddenly and unexpectedly going down, there has been a bit of a stabilization. While still at least one instance of the website going dark happened and varying issues involving the login servers for Firefall itself have been ongoing, there haven't been any more complete blackouts that I've noticed (but it's not like I'm always checking so, eh...) so things may be a bit more stable for awhile. Still, there are various issues when you do actually get in game past the login server, with some of the services/npcs, and other things not working so it's not all hunky dory, but at least you can play some of the game. There haven't been any new announcements or posts by the r5Admin account, so no other news or stuff to report on there either. So that's pretty much it for this week. Till next week everyone, enjoy whatever you're doing! Seriously, gaming, painting, dressing up, genocide, whatever it is if you're doing it you might as well try to enjoy it.