Some will remember when quite a lot of people were laid off back in November 2015 and after that we've had to say goodbye to some more well-known Firefall devs as well. Unfortunately that wasn't the last time Red 5 Studios makes news with layoffs, because yesterday we got word from multiple sources that there has been another round of layoffs at Red 5 Studios. The saddest part about this is, that FadedPez our cherished community manager was let go as well. Pez has done so much for our community, like you could bother him with all sorts of problems and ideas and he'll try to find a way to help. He's a truly awesome guy and we wish him all the best on his future path. Besides FadedPez we however don't know anyone specific who got laid off as well, but there were quite a few more.

As for the future of Firefall we still have no new official information. Last we heard from FadedPez on the forum was that the game will get a Playstation 4 port and patch 1.8 will come at one point. Chatting a bit with him on his "The Laid Off Stream", he said that he hadn't been working on Firefall itself the past few months and instead was working as designer on something else internally which came close to being announced. One possible plan was to release the Firefall 1.8 patch around the same time as the PS4 port, but since the team at Red 5 Studios must have shrunken even more, nobody really knows what is going to happen, however Pez sounded quite confident that they will keep Firefall running for a while.

We hope to get some official statement in the near future, but given that there's no community manager left and there was little to no communication in the past months, we doubt it will happen anytime soon, but stay tuned! RAWR4Firefall will be here as long as Firefall is a thing and maybe even afterwards.