Firefall has been on life support for a long time now. Starter missions are broken, leaving new players without a way to do missions. And once you do get to level 20, you can't enter the battle lab to pick an advanced frame. But also the boss instances have failed to work properly.

With no crafting, no new content, broken existing content and no future in view, it's no surprise that most players left.

RAWR4Firefall was never able to recover again, or rather there was never anything to recover to. We came into existence out of the need to provide information about crafting and resource gathering, yet both has been removed "to be added back in the future", unfortunately we'll never get there.

The website is not going anywhere in the never future, we'll prevail until the final destination.

However since the army isn't really in existence anymore, we decided to shutdown the TeamSpeak 3 server. We're not sure how many have been using it in the past, but I don't think it was ever used for Firefall anymore.

As an alternative, I recommend you join the unofficial Firefall Discord server. There you'll find some veterans - some are still playing - and you get a place to voice com and chat, now that the TeamSpeak 3 server is getting shutdown.

Firefall Discord Server: