Astrek Rhino





Rhino is unmatched in both area damage and single target damage. With Penetrating Rounds, Rhino can make extremely effective use of the very high single-target damage Omega Parsied. However, in most cases single-target damage is not very useful, even with Penetrating Rounds penetration abilities Omega does not do a very effective job of clearing more than one mob at a time. Fortunately, Rhino has Epicenter Mighty Charge - Mighty Charge can not only reset itself, but it can consistently reset itself, with a cap of nearly 40 meters area and doing between 3-8 million single-target damage per activation, Mighty Charge is extremely powerful. Rhino also can make use of Heavy Armor which is second only to Electrons Boomerangshot, however Heavy Armor blocks HKM charge so playing Rhino effectively is a slight challenge. With Charge for mobility - there is little a Rhino can't do.