Astrek Raptor





Raptor is a very well rounded frame, but does require a good amount of ranks/gear/skill to make work properly. With Smokescreen, Raptor has a decent defensive solution as well as a unique method of recharging it's HKM. Smokescreen also serves as a decent support ability with it's large radius - it's easier to protect a squad than it is with Electron. However, Smokescreen does have a few quirks - such as being static Damage Reduction and not working while activating objectives. Overload is where Raptors damage comes from, but Overload blocks HKM Charge while active - so you need a good method to reset overload once it's duration ends, which makes Raptor a somewhat difficult frame to play. As another bonus, Raptor has a decent movement ability - with high range, Assassinate can teleport you a good distance in any direction for easily moving to objectives.