• Firefall Intros

    Firefall Intros

    2015-11-13 08:11

    With the new website we have also created a YouTube channel for various upcoming videos. As a start we uploaded all the publicly released Firefall Intros including the one which currently can only be seen in the PTS (Public Test Server) client.

    Go to this playlist to see them all.

  • New Website

    New Website

    2015-09-08 13:09

    Looks like we got something new incoming! Stay tuned!

  • Update From The RAWR Corps

    Update From The RAWR Corps

    2013-08-01 14:08

    Some of you may have already heard the news, for the others and to make it official, here's a news update. Kryyss has decided to step down as leader, due to family related reasons. After discussing the situation with the most invested players of the RAWR Corps, we decided to keep the army running. Thus Kryyss will still be part of RAWR, but he won't be running the Corps. We're currently organizing things further in the background and are thinking about how RAWR will be lead in the future.

    But next to the unfortunate news, we've also a lot of great stuff going on. Pandemic has gotten onto the development team and rewrote with his amazing talent part of the rather messy code for the Live Resource Feed. He's also working on finalizing the Nanoprint Database everyone has been eagerly waiting for and so far the result look great - so keep yourselves posted! Regarding development, we can't forget to mention that the iOS app created by The-Killer for checking your printer status, has been finally release and is available in the App Store.

  • Astrek Does The Full Monty!

    Astrek Does The Full Monty!

    2023-07-11 11:07

    It has been a big week for our friends over at AstrekAssociation.com as well! They've had some systems outages today but they assure everyone they hope the problem will be corrected soon. They did a complete strip of there website recently and gave all of their guides a complete update in time for Open Beta, a huge congratulations to Siha and Kristakis on pulling that off because I know that must have kept them busy for along time over the recent weeks in the run up to Open Beta. For our new players, Astrek started up around 6 months ago and have been producing amazing guides on everything Firefall related on an almost weekly basis. You need to really visit their site and check our what they have to offer. They also launched their Facebook page recently but players can also follow them on Twitter as well!

  • How To Quickly Make Lots Of Money/Crystite In Firefall

    How To Quickly Make Lots Of Money/Crystite In Firefall

    2013-06-16 03:06

    One of the main questions on new players lips, when they start playing Firefall, is going to be; How do I get rich fast? With the new patch coming in next week the quantity of features and functions that are going to require crystite will shoot through the roof. Weapon unlocks, research into new nanoprints, the eventual need to pay for repairs rather than having them free and many things which we probably don't even know about yet. But while there are suspicions as to what activities have the highest payout there needs to be some study done into the scale of what is 'better' for making Crystite. In the new guide we look at data pulled from experiments on the servers to see how rewarding various tasks are. Are the Chosen Incursions really worth the effort? Should players be running Thumpers solo because it is faster and more rewarding? Check out the new guide to find out what we discovered.

  • Welcome To Open Beta, We Have Goodies For You All!

    Welcome To Open Beta, We Have Goodies For You All!

    2013-06-11 11:06

    Open beta meant more than just a big week for the folks at Red 5 Studios, a number of projects here at RAWR are also nearing completion. There has also been a lot of updates to the website which are of special note. The RAWR Crafting guides are now updated with current information, although there is still some work to be done on others they will hopefully be all updated by the end of the week. Good news for DITTO users, Hanachi released DITTO 8 this week and gave the UI a major overhaul as well as adding a bunch of new features like resource sorting. There has also been some impressive upgrades done by The-Killer and DarkCisum on the Live Resource Feed, we launched our Google+ page and there is a new Fast Answers FAQ to help get you new players familiar with Firefall quicker. Click Read More for this weeks full news article!

    Under ideal conditions we could have liked to have more time to have these new projects completed by the time new players arrived but that's the nature of development. We have three talented programmers volunteering their time and skills to us and we just had a forth one come on board for a feature we are hoping will be as popular as the Live Resource Feed. If anyone reading this feels they want to help on RAWR4Firefall.com we would greatly appreciate folks who are willing to help write guides and maintain pages on the website. Please drop us a line through our forum, PM myself, contact us on Facebook or Google+. There are many ways to offer your support.

    Moving on however, Hanachi released DITTO 8 recently and it has been a big hit with new and existing users as it now offers a more flexible user-interface, resource sorting and allows you to filter your display to show either Melding or New Eden resources. We have been able to include this type of detection on our Live Resource Feed. However we would also like to announce that after discussions with Red 5 Studios we will not be allowed to bring you a Live Feed that will tell you which specific region the resources are located within. So while we may know from scan if a resource is appearing in Antarctica, Sargasso Sea or Diamondhead we are not allowed to display that information. Please note however that we collectively refer to these zones as Melding on both DITTO 8 and the Live Feed so it will give you an idea of where to look.

    If you do not already use DITTO 8 we highly recommend everyone download it. And encourage you to go into the options and enable the R4F.com Live Feed reporting feature as this will help to maintain our Live Feed with your scan data. Without users enabling this option, which is disabled by default because we store user names, the Live Feed will not function. So please send us your scanning data!

    On a related note, we recently launched our Google+ page. To avoid spam on our Facebook page and because of the clean presentation of Google+ we are going to be using it as a venue to display work in progress news and screenshots of what we are all working on here at RAWR4Firefall. One of the most popular notices we posted there recently was revealing a preview of our Scan-Mapping technology which displays all scanning data visually as an overlay for the New Eden map. This scanmap can also be filtered to display instance by instance results but as mentioned, we need more people to enable the R4F.com Reporting feature within DITTO for the maps to be complete enough to provide usful information on an instance by instance level. We will have more news on that project as it nears completion.

    I recently had news that The-Killer has released his Firefall Craft Tracker app for iOS for the first time. The app has been in development for quite some time now and thanks to Killer's efforts on RAWR he has been able to include many of our features like the Live Resource Feed into the app so you can check for any rare resources appearing even while you are away from your computer! The Android version is still under development and we will do a feature news article on his app in the near future.

    That is all the news from RAWR4Firefall for this week. Remember that you can stay up to date on news, updates and the project through our Facebook, Twitter and Google+ pages!