• Devtracker Weekly Round Up, August 29th

    Devtracker Weekly Round Up, August 29th

    2016-08-29 19:08

    Hello and welcome to the 183rd Devtracker Weekly Round Up!

    By terricon4 via Reddit

    Another week has come and to probably no ones surprise there isn't anything new posted by any devs or R5. As far as other news that pertains to Firefall goes, it seems the in game store may be having some issues. Not exactly a lot of people testing and supporting the claim given the current condition of the game, but it seems as though the in game store may not give a player Red Beans when you buy some. If you are planning to buy some Red Beans, best to do it through Steam as it seems that still works. Not really much else to say, Firefalls still got some people playing but the number is steadily dropping so there's no changes here. Just another week with nothing proper to report on.

    So, till next time everyone, lets play a game. Start with your favorite (or most played, or whatever) frame and then take your most liked or hated action and describe it in a rhyme (or something...). For example, Mammoth, killing everything in sight.

    Mammoths murder melding monsters most masterfully.

    Or Tigerclaw, exploring.

    Tigerclaws take terrifying travels to tame tarantula teaming tundras.

    Obviously you may have to get a bit creative with these, use of wikipedias glossary terms is highly recommended to help finding certain word types starting in a specific letter.

  • Devtracker Weekly Round Up, August 22nd

    Devtracker Weekly Round Up, August 22nd

    2016-08-22 19:08

    Hello and welcome to the 182nd Devtracker Weekly Round Up!

    By terricon4 via Reddit

    Another week has come and gone and this one has nothing new on the dev or corporate side to post on once again. On the community side... well the general chatting on the forums has been been dying down a bit. Still some stuff, but excluding comments about the authenticator not working and not letting new or returning players enter the game there's actually very little. Does seem there was a somewhat successful get together of players this weekend for Jetball though.

    Still, with the forums being flooded with queries and complaints about authenticator issues and the part that the support system seems to be altogether gone now and no replies form the r5admin account this does seem like the definitive beginning of the end. For ages people have said that Firefall is going downhill and stuff because of all sorts of changes or issues (it's been a very long and controversial development, no doubt). Over the past year the active player population has very clearly shown that the game has been in decline. And over the past couple months the issues with layoffs and staff quitting has shown the studio was in decline as well. Through all this the game was still running, even if in a buggy or troubled state sometimes. Now though the game is in it's seemingly unsupported state and is is no longer allowing new/returning layers in with no fix in site. You can say up till now the games been in decline, but this seems like the first true part of it's "end" if you will. Of course this is just speculation as there is not certainty that this won't be fixed. Once again the complete lack of communication makes this rather troubling, but with how thing have been headed over the past few months I'm doubting they are suddenly going to contract some random company to try and debug and fix the issue for them at this point in time.

    So ya... another week with pretty much no real news, just the increasingly apparent realization that the end is nigh... for the umpteenth but now somewhat more serious time. Till next week everyone, let's all eagerly await the silence that is bound to come from R5 in it's current mummified state.

  • Devtracker Weekly Round Up, August 15th

    Devtracker Weekly Round Up, August 15th

    2016-08-15 08:08

    Hello and welcome to the 181st Devtracker Weekly Round Up!

    By terricon4 via Reddit

    And this week there is once again nothing to report. We got a few weeks with some actual news after that long break, or at least activity... but after the layoffs it seems things are back to normal with no posts. Nothing from the current dev account, no new blogs or site updates, nor any other announcements from 3rd parties relating to Firefall (that I've heard). So in other words, Firefall has once again gone dark.

    And that's it... no funny jokes or anything either, here's to hoping for something unexpected happening, toodles..

  • Devtracker Weekly Round Up, August 8th

    Devtracker Weekly Round Up, August 8th

    2016-08-08 11:08

    Hello and welcome to the 180th Devtracker Weekly Round Up!

    By terricon4 via Reddit

    It's been a bit over a week or something now since all/most of the R5 staff were layed off and wouldn't you know it... there has been no official announcement on the part of R5 or The9 regarding the studio and it's staff.

    That said, not everything has been quiet. The r5admin account has made a few posts once again saying they are pushing the IP beyond the PC market and also that some of R5s stocks have been sold. In all honesty it looks like The9 is trying to sell off R5 to another company that doesn't realize the current value of R5 and Firefall.

    We also got a post from Mavoc speculating that the current r5admin account is linked to an R5 studios email address and so is probably another former employee or temp hired to hold down the site (and not some random troll who got the accounts credentials as some have been thinking). Funny how Mavoc is the only post this month to show up on the Devtracker though, despite no longer being a dev at R5.

    Ah well, that's it for this weeks article. Till next week everyone, go find something fun to do.

  • About Red 5 Studios and Firefall

    About Red 5 Studios and Firefall

    2016-08-02 10:08

    We don't really have any more information, but after some people started to misuse the forum, someone finally stepped in and started to moderate a few things, plus we got a short post.

    Dear Firefall fans,

    With the most recent shift in our strategy, we have decided to expand Firefall IP from PC to other major platforms, including mobile. We sincerely appreciate all the hard work and devotions of all Red 5's former and current tribe members that have helped us get to where we are today.
    Red 5 Studios is firmly committed to operating Firefall worldwide. We look forward to continuous support from our community as well as new experiences for all Firefall fans.
    Red 5 Studios Developers

    So someone is apparently still working for Red 5 Studios or at least claims to do so. In addition to that, if you read between the lines, it seems they are currently developing a mobile game with the Firefall IP, but the PC version isn't in the main focus right now. This sort of overlaps with the information we got from FadedPez during is Laid Off livestream, but I think it's important to note, that all of this is still speculation.

    In another post of the same account we get the information that he is not a community manager and just tries to keep the forum clean.

    Dude, i'm just trying to keep this forum clean, and I'm not a community guy, so I can't give you guys more useful info. Sorry,I hope the new owner could hire a CM faster...

    Even if you don't like the game or the company behind it, it doesn't really give you the rights to troll the forum.

    We'll try to get more information on the situation, but unfortunately that's currently all we have.

  • Devtracker Weekly Round Up, July 31st

    Devtracker Weekly Round Up, July 31st

    2016-07-31 16:07

    Hello and welcome to the 179th Devtracker Weekly Round Up!

    By terricon4 via Reddit

    Looking pretty unlikely that we'll be reaching 200 unfortunately. As most of you have read by know it seams almost everyone left at R5 was let go. One (questionably reliable) source said there were 3 people left, but I don't know how true that is. We know someone is still on the forums banning people and deleting posts, but not much more than that. Unsurprisingly in a manner entirely to be expected, there has been no official announcement or even acknowledgement of this happening from R5 or The9. However losing all development staff means we probably won't be seeing any future updates, or releases to consoles or the like for Firefall itself. How much longer the servers will be on... no idea.

    Sadly that's the news for this weeks article. At this point it's probably impossible to keep true to this posts title in any way now, but who knows. I'll probably stick around for a little longer since we aren't really being told anything and it's leaving a rather muddled and uncertain situation in it's wake. Doesn't feel right to call it quits without knowing it's truly over, but on the other hand it seems like it pretty much is... Well, till next week, here's to hoping you've saved everyone you know from Firefall or the forums into some other contact lists because who knows how much longer you'll be able to access them as it is.

  • Layoffs at Red 5 Studios

    Layoffs at Red 5 Studios

    2016-07-26 11:07

    Some will remember when quite a lot of people were laid off back in November 2015 and after that we've had to say goodbye to some more well-known Firefall devs as well. Unfortunately that wasn't the last time Red 5 Studios makes news with layoffs, because yesterday we got word from multiple sources that there has been another round of layoffs at Red 5 Studios. The saddest part about this is, that FadedPez our cherished community manager was let go as well. Pez has done so much for our community, like you could bother him with all sorts of problems and ideas and he'll try to find a way to help. He's a truly awesome guy and we wish him all the best on his future path. Besides FadedPez we however don't know anyone specific who got laid off as well, but there were quite a few more.

    As for the future of Firefall we still have no new official information. Last we heard from FadedPez on the forum was that the game will get a Playstation 4 port and patch 1.8 will come at one point. Chatting a bit with him on his "The Laid Off Stream", he said that he hadn't been working on Firefall itself the past few months and instead was working as designer on something else internally which came close to being announced. One possible plan was to release the Firefall 1.8 patch around the same time as the PS4 port, but since the team at Red 5 Studios must have shrunken even more, nobody really knows what is going to happen, however Pez sounded quite confident that they will keep Firefall running for a while.

    We hope to get some official statement in the near future, but given that there's no community manager left and there was little to no communication in the past months, we doubt it will happen anytime soon, but stay tuned! RAWR4Firefall will be here as long as Firefall is a thing and maybe even afterwards.

  • Devtracker Weekly Round Up, July 25th

    Devtracker Weekly Round Up, July 25th

    2016-07-25 08:07

    Hello and welcome to the 178th Devtracker Weekly Round Up!

    By terricon4 via Reddit

    I'm sure you all know what's coming next... Nothing! That's right, once again there is no news to be had this week, how did you know? Are you psychic? Can you see into the future? Are you behind me reading as I write this? Or do you just have a basic level of pattern recognition and at least semi functional memory? Well I'm sure we all know which answer applies to the majority of you at least. To those on the wall behind me, sorry for eating beans earlier today.

    So, ya, another week with nothing pertaining to Firefall in the news. So till next time everyone, here's to hoping you have something fun to do this week, be it Firefall, practicing your wall climbing skills, or shopping for a new gas mask. Later!

  • Devtracker Weekly Round Up, July 18th

    Devtracker Weekly Round Up, July 18th

    2016-07-18 08:07

    Hello and welcome to the 177th Devtracker Weekly Round Up!

    By terricon4 via Reddit

    Another week has come and gone and with it we once again have no real news. There were two dev posts made in a thread about some shards not running properly, no real answers on them fixing it or anything just a basic acknowledgment that there was a problem and to send info to their support people. Seems the only way to get any dev posts these days is to complain about the servers not working. The last actual news came out in late May, almost two months ago. For those of you who are actually reading this... I am honestly wondering why. I mean, I also have that habit of not dropping stuff and wasting time reading pointless "news" on the internet a lot, but still...

    Ah well, that's it for this weeks article, till next time, here's to hoping no super volcanoes erupt or anything like that... ya, that would probably be rather unfortunate were something like that to happen. Should probably be more posotive though... till next week, here's to hoping you have lots of fun doing whatever it is you are doing... that just sounds like rambling... Oh well, till next week, stuff, bye.

  • Devtracker Weekly Round Up, July 11th

    Devtracker Weekly Round Up, July 11th

    2016-07-11 14:07

    Hello and welcome to the 176th Devtracker Weekly Round Up!

    By terricon4 via Reddit

    Once again we are back to nothing new to report on here. Nothing on the Devtracker, nothing on news, and nothing on events. Nothing really that noticeable from a quick glance through the forums going on either, just goodbyes, trolling joking stuff, and Ember stuff.

    On the other hand Pokemon Go came out this week... so you're all probably too distracted by that anyway to really care about this much. Ah well, till next week everyone, here's to hoping you catch a nice Lapras or something, or I manage to catch some good news.